Journalismprize for respectful reporting on poverty going international

Video-Clip gives insights in the implementation of the prize in participating countries

(9.10.2020) The journalism prize for respectful poverty reporting was created in 2010 in a project of the Austrian Anti-Poverty Network ("Die Armutskonferenz") designed by people experiencing poverty and journalists. The jury is made up of people experiencing poverty. It selects those journalistic reports in different categories (print, radio, TV, online-media), which prove respectful vis-á-vis the poor and the reality the live and which analyse the societal causes of poverty. With support of ERSTE Foundation in recent years the prize was als implemente ind Croatia, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, North-Macedonia, Romania and Serbia and others by the Anti-Poverty Networks in those countries.

The aim of the prize is to promote a good journalism and poverty reporting which reflects the different aspects of poverty, treats people experiencing poverty respectfully and deals with the background and structural reasons of poverty. The journalism-prize for respectful poverty reporting helps to break down stereotypes und raise awareness regarding poverty and social exclusion. First among journalists and through this in a next step also in society. The active involvement of people experiencing poverty in the jury-process has an impact on public opinion of people experiencing poverty – not seen as passive "victims" but as very active persons.

A recently published video gives insights in the activities in the involved countries

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