Austrian Anti Poverty Network ("Die Armutskonferenz")

Austrian Network against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Fight Poverty. Prevent Poverty.

Since 1995 the Austrian Anti Poverty Network has been acting as a lobbyist for those who have no lobby. It is committed to thematising the hushed-up problems of poverty and social exclusion in Austria and to improving the living conditions of those concerned.

A conference of many colours

In 1995 the first Poverty Conference took place in Salzburg. A wide variety of civil-society actors joined forces: welfare organisations, umbrella organisations of social initiatives, church and trade union organisations, education and research institutions and groups of people at risk of falling into poverty, such as lone parents and jobless persons.

Regional networks

Regional networks and platforms are active in the Austrian provinces. The participation of those concerned and social initiatives on site is i.a. ensured by Austria-wide campaign weeks, film days and cultural activities.

European networking

DIE ARMUTSKONFERENZ is a member of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN). EAPN was founded in 1990, its priority objective is bringing together NGOs combatting poverty in a network so as to put the fight against poverty and social exclusion on the agenda of EU policymakers. More information:

International projects

DIE ARMUTSKONNFERENZ frequently participates in international projects. For example:

More information

For more information about our organization and activities please contact our office in Vienna:

Austrian Anti Poverty Network

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